Who is Fritz Storm

In 2003 Fritz Storm founded his consultant company which soon became a global well known and recogniced company in the coffee industry.

Before that Fritz managed one of Copenhagens finest cafés, Café Europa, recognised for its excelent coffee, skilful employes and many awards.

In 2002 Fritz Storm became the World Barista Champion, which gave him a unique opportunity to travel the world and learn more about coffee production, selection, quality and cultures. He has been working with coffee-connoisseres from all over the world through competitions, trainings, events and origin visits. Fritz State “it is a luxury to be able to be a part of a global coffee-network like this, to share all this passion with fellow people”.

The goal for Frits is to improve the quality and knowledge of coffee around the world, taken into consideration the local cultures, history and profesion. To be able to give people a coffee experience through better quality and understanding .


CV of Fritz Storm

World Barista Champion 2002

Founder of "Coffee by Storm ApS" Coffee Company in 2013

Founder of "The Barista Camp" established in 2009

Founder of "Fritz Storm ApS" Consultant Company in 2003

Professional Barista Trainer and Consultant since 2003

Board of directors WCE from 2011-2012
Board of directors WBC from 2009-2011

Chairman of WBC Certification committee from 2009-20012
Running the Certification Committee from 2006-2012

Certified WBC judge since 2005-2010
- Supervisor for the judges at the WBC 2010 in London
- Supervisor for the head-judges at the WBC 2009 in Atlanta
- Judge at the WBC 2008 in Copenhagen
- Judge at the WBC 2007 in Tokyo
- Judge at the WBC 2006 in Berne
- Judge at the WBC 2005 in Seattle
- Judge at the WBC 2004 in Trieste
- Judge at the WBC 2003 in Boston
- Judge at national championships around the world


- University of Coffee in Trieste, Italy, from 2002-2008

Board member, Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Danish division (www.scae.dk) from 2004 - 2007

Responsible for the Danish Championship 2005 - 2006
Co-organiser of the Danish Championships 2001-2004
Working at Cafe Europa, Copenhagen 1994-2004

Accountant by profession