Fritz Storm - Coffee Consultant

Being a part of the specialty coffee movement since its beginning in the mid 90th. Becoming the World Barista Champion, and now mentoring some of the best baristas in the world, being a part of the WBC/WCE organisation for more than 13 years. Fritz Storm is equiped with a deep knowledge around the coffeeworld. This gives him a unique possibility as a consultant to the coffee business in relation to new development as well as strategic planning and execution.

To the Roaster:

The company has several years experience in working with, small-, medium- and big roasters in:
- Evaluating existing coffee range, comparing it with the world level.
- Finetuning existing coffee range.
- Creating new coffees and blends to prepared for the future.
- Designing new coffee-concepts

To the shop owner:

Let Fritz Storm have a look at your shop, café, restaurant or chain and get advice on how to start or improve your coffee business and concepts, all the way from:
- The selection of coffee
- Storage
- Machinery
- Logistics
- Bar flow
- Coffee concept/menu
- Education and training

Strategic planning og the shop/chain. What direction do you want to take and what are the consequences by doing it.

To the machineproducer:

Are you interested in getting advice on your existing product range, do you want to discuss future ideas around your products or new innoative ideas, then let Fritz Storm have a look.