Fritz Storm Achievements

As you can see from the list, Fritz Storms philosophy, training programs and individual understanding for the person, have made a quite impressive line of results in the past. For a decade Fritz has been successful in creating a finalist at the WBC, even though the competition is growing year by year.

For Fritz Storm, who is working with several countries for competition, it is very important to work from the individual baristas personality, and use this to build a program around. All the way from the appeal, over signature drink to coffee understanding.

It is all about knowledge, honesty and expression. If you have any questions concerning this or anything else, your are more than welcome to contact us.

Achievements at the World Barista Championship:

The World Barista Championship 2013, Melbourne
- 6. place Francesco Sanapo, Italy
- 12. place Luca Casadei, France

The World Barista Championship 2012, Vienna
- 2. place Fabrizio Seed, Mexico
- 4. place Miki Suzuki, Japan
The only woman in the final round that year

The World Barista Championship 2011, Bogotá
- The 5. place Miki Suzuki, Japan
- The 8. place Lina Zea, Colombia
The only two women in the final rounds that year.

The World Barista Championship 2010, London
- The 4. place Colin Harmon, Ireland
- The 8. place Yara Castanho, Brazil
- The 9. place Fabrizio Sencion, Mexico
- The 12. place Tom Schweiger, Germany
- The 17. place Attila Molnar, Hungary
- The 20. place Mie Nakahara, Japan

The World Barista Championship 2009, Atlanta
- The 6. place Attila Molnar, Hungary
- The 14. place Morten Vestenå, Denmark
- The 16. place Claes Mattias Björklund, Sweden

The World Barista Championship 2008, Copenhagen
- The 4. place Daniel Remheden, Sweden
- The 8. place Kyle Glanville, United states
- The 11. place Attila Molnar, Hungary

The World Barista Championship 2007, Tokyo
- The 6. place Silvia Magalhaes, Brazil
- The 8. place Lene Hyldahl, Denmark
- The 10. place Lukasz Jura, Poland
- The 12. place Costas Pliatsikas, Sweden

The World Barista Championship 2006, Bern
- The 1. place Klaus Thomsen, Denmark
- The 3. place Mathew Riddle, United States
- The 6. place Ingeborg Jona Sigurdardottir, Iceland
- The 9. place Tatiana Elizarova, Russia

The World Barista Championship 2005, Seattle
- The 8. place Simon Robertson, United Kingdom
- The 9. place Kati Kljukina, Estonia

The World Barista Championship 2004, Trieste
- The 2. place Sammy Piccolo, Canada
- The 3. place Klaus Thomsen, Denmark

The World Barista Championship 2003, Boston
- The 4. place Troels Poulsen, Denmark